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About us

Fusion Connect is an integrated marketing communications platform comprising three robust business tools; Fusion Connect DAM,  Fusion Connect Workflow and Fusion Connect Source. Fusion Connect can be used to improve efficiency, productivity and reduce operating costs in a diverse range of business environments from fashion retail, consumer goods, automotive, QSR and FMCG. Where there is a common need for greater cohesion between an internal marketing team and supporting business functions including procurement, finance, management, sales and creative studio workflows – there is a need for Fusion Connect. How do we know? Because we engineered and implemented it, delivering a transformational impact across our organisation. 


Our Story

Fusion Connect is a part of The International Fusion Corporation. Fusion Corporation has diverse operations with global reach and procurement capabilities with services ranging from strategic intelligence, brand consultation and creative strategy to marketing solutions and execution. As a Global retail marketing agency, our teams are stationed in offices in Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, China, Japan, Vietnam, Malaysia, US and UK. Fusion is a highly agile business with a resource base that is connected via Fusion Connect. We think global and act local with speed. 


Through the process of achieving cohesion between multiple offices and business units, Fusion Connect was implemented to optimise business processes. We were able to see first-hand how our teams first adapted and then thrived under the increased visibility and measurement that Fusion Connect provides. Simply put – our teams were able to operate quicker and with a higher degree of accuracy when managing complex projects, competing deadlines and reporting requirements. Accordingly, customer experience has been elevated. 

Experience how Fusion Connect can work for your business.

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