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Take the chaos out of managing brand assets.

Digital Asset


Fusion Connect – DAM is an industry-leading Digital Asset Management (DAM) system that provides a central repository for all your marketing assets. The DAM allows for the easy and efficient location, reuse, proofing and publishing of content to manage your brand and marketing communications.

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​Find it faster

Search for images, videos, audio and creative files quickly and easily. Consider it a Google for brand assets.

​Convert on the fly

Seamlessly convert files to enable the streamlining of assets to be used on various media platforms for integrated campaigns.

Access anywhere

Create assets, download, publish and share them anywhere for collaborative proofing and approval.

Increase visibility

Measure creative and marketing strategies and productivity with content analytics.

Create custom collections

Ability to create customised portals to highlight particular assets to selected user groups. Tracking views and downloads of assets.

Integrate with Workflow

Compliment with best in class workflow tools to effectively manage projects and streamline the creative process from brief to invoicing.

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Example of a custom portal.



Receive quick analytics on searches, downloads, views, usage and engagement so you can decide with data. Update and emulate the best performing content and archive the stragglers.

Data Control + Functionality

  • Customise metadata and categories.

  • Batch upload and editing.

  • Version control and auditing.

  • Rights management.

  • Automatically tag assets with AI image recognition.

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Experience how Fusion Connect can work for your business.

Request a FREE 3 month trial.

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