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Digital Resilience: 3 essential attributes marketing teams need in the emerging new world

Marketing teams have navigated through a year of unfamiliar territory and trudged through unknown waters; with the lessons learned becoming clearer each step of the way. We can do it, we are stronger than before and we know this journey isn’t ending anytime soon.

The uncertainty will carry on into 2021, as markets and economies continue to fluctuate in responses to ongoing challenges. As we prepare to enter a new year and weather the remainder of the storm, building digital resilience is the best way for individuals and organisations to prevail. It will take continued planning, aligning work management to strategy and utilising the ability to collaborate from anywhere.

Taking this on board, the three essential attributes that will help marketing teams survive, then thrive, is turning our focus to creating and sustaining a competitive advantage in the emerging new world.

1. Expansive Creativity

Marketing teams are known for their creativity, not only across design and messaging but also at problem-solving and thinking outside the box. We can help businesses do things differently and solve pressing issues.

Sometimes marketers can be so focused on creativity and forget the value that can be brought to implementing tech enhancements to the business. With the ability to provide support across analytics and reporting, design and implementation or the management of workflows.

Historically marketing and IT have aligned as marketers realise that technology is an enabler of innovation and productivity. When taking a more expansive view of our creative abilities, we can build digital resilience, make data-driven decisions and respond to rising challenges and shifts in priorities.

2. Visibility and agility

During these unprecedented times, being an agile organisation is more important than ever, and to be agile, visibility is key. It allows team members to see priorities clearly, understand how projects are progressing and keeps teams aligned around current work.

But how do we achieve this through video conferencing tools from home offices? An integrated martech stack is essential in enhancing visibility and is amplified when connected through a work management platform that serves as your single source of truth.

Imagine communicating and collaborating across your work with data effortlessly flowing into platforms such as Abode Creative Suite, Salesforce and Marketo – you have the visibility to see the progress in real-time and able to react with speed.

3. Strategic Alignment

Visibility is not only the foundation of agility but is a key ingredient in strategic alignment. Navigating remote work will be enhanced when team members understand how they are contributing to the company’s strategic vision and know why their works matters. This has never been more paramount to keep teams connected and driven as flexible work arrangements are put in place for many businesses into the future.

Strategic alignment is established when digital collaboration can take place from home bases from around the world. It will take time and effort to reach this point, and when it does, it will result in a sense of unity across every department, individual empowerment, clarity, and camaraderie throughout the business.

To enhance our strategic planning process to be truly aligned across the board, it requires a devoting amount of time, attention and improving on both how we work and what we’re producing.

No one was prepared to have their digital resilience tested this year, but here we are, making the best of these challenges to get work done. In 2021 we will start to see the beginnings of globally dispersed marketing teams, learning to build unity across distance, applying creativity in expansive new ways, and harnessing visibility in pursuit of both agility and strategic alignment.

Get ready for 2021 and chat to our team about how you can drive digital resilience with Fusion Connect. The integrated marketing services platform that fosters collaboration, streamlines creative processes, enhances brand asset management and provides simplification and transparency over the procurement of marketing materials.

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