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Retail Marketing Optimisation

Updated: Jun 26, 2020

Uniqlo is one of the world’s most iconic retail brands with a store footprint that exceeds 2,000 internationally. Established in 1984 in Japan, the Uniqlo brand concept is ‘LifeWear’ clothing that comes from the Japanese values of simplicity, quality and longevity. Today the company has stores across 24 markets worldwide and last year, generated $21.2 billion in revenue.

The Challenge

Uniqlo Australia had a direct to printer model for the production and fulfilment of retail POS collateral, a model they had operated under since entry into the Australia market. This included the use of an online ordering platform to help facilitate stores ordering from an extensive range of seasonal POS elements on a weekly basis. Whilst Uniqlo was happy with the general service levels of their incumbent, they went to market to reduce costs of printing, achieve better customer experience and achieve more efficiencies in the order to fulfilment process. The International Fusion Corporation was invited to tender as a challenger bid, given its independent, vendor agnostic model and retail specialisation.

The Solution Design

Fusion Corporation was able to, after careful and diligent diagnosis of Uniqlo’s specific requirements, utilise the strengths of its diversified business model and unique capabilities to provide a solution design that resulted in;

Being independent, Fusion Corporation was able to align with the best fit print manufacturer housing the latest print technology that provided significant cost savings and also reduced production times to improve speed to market. The unique characteristics of the press configuration also enabled Uniqlo’s individual store orders to be fulfilled daily and not held for consolidation, thereby improving customer experience through reduced order to fulfilment times.

Through Fusion Connect Source, Fusion Corporation’s web2print platform, the ordering process is now more seamless than before, enabling store managers to focus on customer service and sales.


Find out how Fusion Connect can create efficiencies in your business and contact us today!

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