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The new world of flexible working and how you can conquer it

Businesses around the world have been disrupted across their workforces, with many having to quickly adapt to employees working from home due to COVID-19 restrictions. This has tested our mettle and revealed whether or not we have efficient processes and systems in place to support effective remote working. The question we ponder is whether our teams are as productive? Do we even have the visibility we need to answer this question informatively?

The result of the pandemic will have a lasting impact on workplace expectations. With employees coming back with a new perspective on how they prefer to work and what work means to them. Studies show that post-pandemic will see employers being more flexible and open to the individual’s needs, values, strengths and aspirations.

In a recent study by the Community and Public Sector Union of 6,000 Australians found that 11% of those surveyed wanted to work from home all the time, 39% some of the time, 30% most of the time, and 14% only on occasion.

As we enter a new world of flexible working, implementing effective remote working strategies and processes are essential, and not as straightforward as having the right remote access and conferencing tools. Visibility, transparency, engagement, accountability, governance and compliance are key. We need the tools to keep employees focused, aligned and engaged around goals to keep our teams performing at their peak of productivity.

Even prior to this pandemic an increasing amount of businesses have been prioritising workforce tooling. Implementing new workforce productivity and collaboration strategies as part of digital transformations. In order for efficient and effective work management, it is critical that enterprises create a single system of truth to increase visibility, especially when our teams are dispersed.

Many businesses suffer from unhealthy work management practises and don’t even realise. Using disconnected tools and processes, having excessive meetings, unnecessary emails, lack of collaboration and scattered data can all seriously impact worker satisfaction, productivity and ultimately waste money and time.

Research shows that when projects are over budget, delayed, or do not meet their goals, organisations risk wasting 14 times more money than those who consistently meet their performance measures.

Consolidating tools to one unified work management system will allow tracking across the entire lifecycle of workflows. Resulting in executives who can better plan and justify work resources, managers with the knowledge of what everyone is working on, capacity levels and can recognise inefficiencies at any given time and employee who remain on task, optimising productivity as they strive towards deadlines.

Fusion Connect Workflow provides one central application platform to share ideas, create content and manage complex processes. With straightforward ways to structure, track, report and collaborate across a range of different projects and work scenarios. Everyone across departments have access anywhere, at any time, providing meaningful, timely, and accurate business insights that are connected together to ensure alignment of business strategies with the work being done.

Conquer remote working with Fusion Connect Workflow. Try it for FREE with a 3 month trial. Enquire today:

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