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Fusion Connect


Fusion Connect solves business problems across various departments, from optimising workflows and enhanced brand management to simplifying financial reporting and reviewing marketing budgets. Watch below to see how Fusion Connect can positively impact all areas of your business.

Streamline Creative Processes & Enhance Brand Asset Management

Supports your marketing and design teams to manage workflows effectively, increasing the visibility of workloads and removing the ambiguity of performance.

With all brand assets stored in one place, say goodbye to convoluted filing systems. Easily search, find and share marketing assets, whilst keeping on top of version control.

Effective Procurement of Marketing Collateral

Receive competitive quotes for activations and increase visibility over the marketing department spend. 
Providing procurement with one hub for all vendors and information to easily order inventory and web-2-print.

Ease Reporting on Marketing Budgets


Track marketing departments monthly and annual spend seamlessly with reports ready at any given moment.

Improve Alignment of Marketing and Sales Teams


Provide sales with visibility of marketing initiatives and the ability to easily request collateral. Increasing collaboration between teams to help convert new business and support company growth.

Demonstrate the ROI of your Marketing Department


Fusion Connect allows your marketing manager to demonstrate clear agility, accountability and scalability of the team, reporting on key performance and profitability metrics. 

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