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The smarter
way to work.


At the heart is Fusion Connect – Workflow, a best of breed work management system that allows your teams to have one central application platform to share ideas, create content, manage complex processes and do their best work.

A single system of record for effectively managing teams and workloads.

Highly configurable to suit any team, region, project or program across your organisation.

Ability to plan, manage, measure and optimise work based on data.

Real-time access and insight into any projects, people and resources in motion.

Integrations to connect all applications and automate creative and business processes.

Provide detailed metrics in real-time to manage performance.


What you'll love about Fusion Connect Workflow

Is your marketing department struggling with analog processes, siloed teams, and burned-out employees because your processes and technology fail to support this modern way of working?  What you need is a connected, holistic strategy for marketing work across the digital enterprise. This requires platforms that exist solely for modern work in an agile organisation - work that spans both structured and unstructured forms and connects marketing seamlessly with the rest of the business.

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Get Real-time Insights
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Streamline Proofing
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Prioritise Requests
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Automate Approvals
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Increase Collaboration
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Everything In One Place

Experience how Fusion Connect can work for your business.

Request a FREE 3 month trial.

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